Great news

The best maps are not behind us; they will be made today by the artists, artisans and technicians who cared to try.

Great American cartography will live with the simple application of “Time, Strength, Cash, and Patience.”

It has never been easier to make beautiful maps; please try.

If you need beautiful map material culture for a gift, a home, an heirloom: a catalog. 

Maps for National Geographic, other publications

Bay Area, CA map by Evan Applegate. My first relief map; I had Daniel Huffman at my elbow and he was crucial to how cute it looked at the end.Map showing the range of "coastal wolves" who live in British Columbia. For a 2015 issue of National Geographic.Map of Germany for National Geographic, 2015Map of projected crop changes for National Geographic, 2015Oil spills map for Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014

The only 3,600 DPI illuminated sculptural maps: Radiant Maps

18x24" illuminated vintage map of Manhattan in a handmade walnut frame4x6-ft illuminated shaded relief of California12x18" map of the Tongass National Forest12x18" map of Los Angeles, CA